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Education discussion on various topics!

Every human who used to be a guest of Theodore Roosevelt did not live without being influenced by information on his various subjects. Whether it was a cowboy or a rough rider, a New York politician or a diplomat – Roosevelt knew what to say. How did they do it? The answer is simple. Whenever someone would come to meet Roosevelt, he would wake up late in the night and read about the subject which had the interest of the person coming. Roosevelt, like other leaders, knew that the way to the heart of any human being opens by talking on the things that are very important to him. The voracious William Leon Phelps, essayist and professor of literature at Yale University learned this lesson early in life. “When I was eight years old and taking a week-long vacation with my aunt Libby Linsley at their Stratford house, she wrote in an essay on the nature of man-” A man of old age arrived and spoke to the aunt a little formal. After that he started paying attention to me.

At that time I was very much interested in boats and the way that person talked about that, if you want to know how people reject you, laugh behind you and condemn you, then it is a simple way. Do not listen to anyone for long. Just talk about yourself If you have an idea while talking, do not let him complete his talk, stop him in between. Do you know such people? Unfortunately, I know and surprisingly many of them are famous. These are all boring — drunken boring people of their ego and importance. People who just talk, they only think about themselves. “And those who think only of themselves, Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, President of Columbia University, had said-” They are very uneducated!

He did not get any education at all, Dr. Butler said- “No matter how many instructions he has received.” If you want to specialize in the art of conversation, be a good listener. Be interested in others to be interesting. . Ask questions that others may like to answer. Encourage people to talk about themselves and their achievements. Remember that you They are more interested in themselves and their problems than you and your problems. Human beings are more worried about their toothache than a million people dying of famine in China. The injury to their neck in Africa K draws attention more than forty earthquakes. Remember this thing when you next talk!

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