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Education discussion on peace!

After getting many letters from the department, he tied the goods and started punching me in Chicago and told me that he was not going to pay any money and from the same time he would not buy any goods from our company. “I listened to his words carefully. I wanted to interrupt, but I thought it would be a wrong policy. So I let him speak. When he was a little calm and in a listening mood, I said calmly -” You came to Chicago and you spoke, I thank you for that. You have done us a favor, but if our credit department has harassed you, it can also harass other customers. And that would not be a good thing. Believe me, I am more eager to hear than you are eager to tell. “” He never expected me to hear that.

He seemed a little disappointed, as he came to Chicago to tell me things and I was thanking him instead of arguing. I assured him that we would remove all the charges and forget, as he had to take care of only one account carefully, while our clerk had to look at thousands of accounts. So we were more likely to be wrong! I told him that I understand, how he is feeling and if I were in his place, he would have done what he did. Since he would not buy from us further, I told him the names of the other Woolen House!

We had lunch together already when he came to Chicago, so I invited him to have lunch together. He hesitated a little, but coming back to office, he placed a bigger order than before. He returned home calmly and tried to be just as fair as us and saw all the bills in which he had made a mistake, cheating him with forgiveness. “Later when his wife had a son, he named the child the middle name Detmer and he remained our friend and customer until his death twenty-two years later. Years ago a poor Dutch boy went to a bakery shop after banana school to support his family. Used to clean windows!

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