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Education discussion on making dreams come true!

This is a house of dreams, they spoke in a loud voice, refreshing old memories, this house was built with love, my husband and I had dreamed of building it for years. We had no architects. We planned it ourselves. He took Mr. R. And showed him the beautiful things he had earned and saved during the trip — the Paisley Shaul, the old English T-set, the Wedgwood China, the French bed and chair, the Italian painting and silk curtains, which ever A Freyanch lived in the Shitu. Mr. R. After showing the house to Mr. R.S. Took her to the garage There, there was a paycard car on the blokes.

“My husband bought this car just a few days before he left the world,” Aunty said- “I never climbed into it after he left. You have to test for good things, so I’ll give you this car.” “Why Auntie?” He said- “You betray me. I value your generosity, but I can’t take it. I am not even your relative. I have a new car and many of your relatives would like to get this paycard car! Relatives!” ” He said- “Yes, I have many relatives who are waiting for me to die so that they can get this car, but they won’t get this car.” If you don’t want to give it to them, you can sell it to a secondhand dealer Are. “He said to the aunt.” Believe me! ”

Do you think I will sell this car? Do you think that I will be able to see the car given to me by my husband driving strangers? I can’t even sell it in a dream. I’ll give it to you You appreciate beautiful things They tried to avoid taking the car, but they could not do it without hurting the aunt’s feelings. Paisley Shaul, French antique and this lone aunt in this big bungalow full of memories, was craving for some recognition. At one time she was beautiful, young and attractive!

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