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Education discussion on lawyer!

After he left I was quite excited about him. What was the man he was, my aunt told that he was a New York lawyer and that he did not mean anything by boats and he was not at all interested in that subject. “Why did he talk to me about boats then?” “Because he is a gentleman. He saw your interest in boats and talked about the things you would find interesting and good. He made himself a favorite.” William Leon Phelps said- “I have never forgotten my aunt.” As I am writing this chapter, I have in front of me a letter from Edward L. Kaliff, who used to be involved in Boy Scout work.

“One day I thought I needed an aid, Mr. Kalif wrote! A big Scout festival was going to take place in Europe and I expected the President of one of the largest corporations in America to fund one of my scout boy’s trips.” “Luckily, just before I went to meet this person, I heard that he had made a check for one million and had it framed after it was canceled. “So before entering the office I requested him to check the check. Million dollar check! I told him that I didn’t know any person who wrote such a big check.

I wanted to tell my scout boys that I actually Saw a million dollar check! He happily showed me. I praised him and asked him what had happened while making the check. Did you notice that Mr. Kalif did not start by talking about or about the Boy Scouts or about his wishes? He started talking about things in which the other person was interested! Then came this result – while giving Hunter, the man said – ‘Oh, by what way did you come to meet me?’ So I told him!

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