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Education Discussion on Good Audience!

Many important people have reported that they like good listeners more than good speakers but the art of listening well is very rare, not only important people, but ordinary people also find good listeners. As Reader’s Digest once said – “Many people call a doctor when they need a listener.” In the darkest moments of the Civil War, Lincoln wrote to an old friend from Springfield to come to Washington. Lincoln said that he had some problems that he wanted to talk about. His old neighbor came to the White House and Lincoln spent hours talking to him on a rule to liberate the tribes.

Lincoln went into all aspects of the pros and cons of this rule, then read letters and newspaper articles, some condemning him for not freeing slaves, and some for fear of emancipation. Condemned. After talking for hours, Lincoln shook hands with his friend, called him a Good Knight, and sent him back to Illionis, without knowing it. Lincoln did the whole thing himself. Things became clear in his mind. Lincoln didn’t need advice. All he needed was a friend, a sympathetic listener to lighten his mind. That’s what we all do when in crisis All of these want angry customers, disgruntled employees and hurt friends. One of the best listeners of the modern era was Sigmund Freud!

One person who met Freud said on his way of listening- “It made such an impact on the mind that I would never forget. The qualities I had in him were never seen in anyone. Sometimes I beat someone with so much focus and beat Didn’t see it. It was not a ‘soul-tearing eye. His eyes were pale and friendly. His voice was slow and generous. His gestures lacked the same appreciation of what I said, even though He said that the way I said was not right, it was extraordinary. You don’t know how much it makes such a difference to listen to your words!

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