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Education Discussion on George Eastman!

Finally George Eastman turned to Adamson and he said when I went to Japan last time, I bought some chairs, brought them home and put them in the sun porch, but because of the sunlight, his paint went out, so I went to the market the next day. I bought some paints and painted them myself. Would you like to see how I paint the cursive? Okay.
you come to my house. Have lunch with me and I’ll show you. ” After lunch, Mr. Eastman showed Adamson the chairs he had brought from Japan. They were not worth more than a few dollars, but billionaires like George Eastman were proud of them, because they painted them themselves! The order of seats was ninety thousand dollars.

Who do you think got that order? To James Adamson or to his contestants? From the time of this story until the death of Mr. Eastman, the two remained friends. Claude Maris, owner of a restaurant in Rouen, France, followed the same principle and saved himself from losing one of his restaurant’s main employees. This woman had been working for five years and was the contact between Maris and his other employees. He was surprised to get a letter of resignation from the woman. M. Maris reports- “I was very surprised and saddened even more, because I was thinking that I had taken care of his convenience and needs.”

She was an employee as well as a friend and I probably did not value her that much and took work from her more than the rest of the staff. “” I couldn’t take her resignation without knowing why!
I took him aside and I told him- “Paulette, you should understand that I cannot take your resignation. You mean a lot to me and this company and you are as much responsible for the success of this restaurant as I am.” I said this in front of the staff beyond and then I called him to his house and expressed my confidence in him in front of my whole family. “Paulette withdrew her resignation and today I But I did before!

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