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Education discussion on doing business!

Before I left office, he “sold” me membership of the organization, “I didn’t say anything about the bread at that time, but a few days later the hotel steward asked me to come with samples and price.” “I don’t know what you did to that gentleman, Steward said,” but they are badly affected by you. ” “Think about it. I had been celebrating that person for four years. To get his business and I would have been doing it if I hadn’t bothered to find what he liked and what to talk about. Seems. Edward E. Harryman of Hagerstown, Maryland, after completing military service, decided to live in the beautiful Cumberland Valley, Maryland.

Unfortunately, at that time in that area only Few jobs were available. A little research revealed that RJ Fankhauser, a unique businessman who owned most of the companies in the area, whose journey from poverty to the rich influenced Mr. Harryman, but he was out of reach of jobseekers. Was out. Mr. Harryman wrote: “I interviewed many people, which showed that his main interest was in getting money and power. Since he used to protect people like me with a dedicated and tough secretary, I read about that secretary’s interests and goals and once reached his office without calling. She was a circling satellite of Mr. Fankhauser for fifteen years!

When I told her that I had a plan to increase Mr. Fankhauser’s economic and political success, she was excited and I also talked to her about her contribution to the success of her boss. After this conversation he arranged my meeting with Mr. Fankhauser. “I entered their large and influential office thinking that they would not ask for a job. They were sitting behind a big desk and they roared -” What the young boy has to talk about!

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