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Education discussion on Buddha!

Lao Tzu, the founder of the Tao, taught it to his disciples in the Valley of Han. The Buddha taught it five hundred years before Christ on the banks of the Holy Ganges. The holy books of Hinduism have been teaching it even thousands of years ago. Jesus taught it nineteen hundred years ago on the hills of Judaea. Jesus stated this in a thought, which is perhaps the most important rule in the world – “Do unto others what you expect of others to do for yourself.” You want praise from everyone you come in contact with. You want the right recognition of your ability. You want to realize that you are important in this small world. You do not want cheap and false sycophancy, you want a true compliment.

You want your friend, in the language of Charles Schwab, to ‘praise heartily and praise heartily’. This is what we all want. So follow this golden rule. Do to others what you expect of others. how? When? Where? The answer is – always, everywhere. David G. of Aau Claire in Wisconsin Smith told us in a class how he handled a delicate situation when he was given charge of a refreshment booth at a charity concert. ‘I reached the park on the night of the concert and I found two elderly women angry near the refreshment stand. Everyone seemed to be running this project.

I was wondering what to do, when a member of the sponsoring committee came and handed me the cash box and thanked me for taking the responsibility of the project. He introduced Rose and Jane as my helpers and went away! There was a deep silence. Knowing that the cash box is a symbol of authority, I gave it to Rose and told her that I would not be able to handle it and that she would be able to keep it better, then I told Jane to let the two teenagers responsible for the refreshment How to run a soda machine and gave him responsibility for this part of the project!

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