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Education discussion on becoming smart!

It was chosen by a friend of mine who has a lot of knowledge of wood, then Eastman showed him his room, gave information about its proportions, colors, hand carving and other things, and explained how he helped select and make them. Had. While walking in the room, praising the woodwork.
He stopped by a window and George Eastman, in his humble and soft voice, spoke of the organizations by which he was serving humanity — The University of Rochester, The General Hospital, The Homeopathic Hospital, The Friendly Hospital, The Children's Hospital.

He was greeted by Mr. Adamson, as he was using his wealth in an ideal way to take away people's troubles. George Eastman then opened a glass receptacle and took out the camera he had first taken — an invention he had bought from an Englishman. Adamson asked about his initial struggle when he was starting his business, and then Mr. Eastman spent his childhood. Told about poverty and also how his widowed mother lived in a boardinghouse when he was a clerk in an insurance office. The terror of poverty had troubled him day and night, and vowed to earn so much money that his mother would not have to work.

Mr. Adamson asked even more questions and carefully listened to them while he was recounting his experiments with midwife photographic plates! . He told how he used to work all day in office and sometimes used all night. Sleeping intermittently, when Chemical was doing his job and sometimes in the same clothes for seventy-two hours, and James James Adamson was taken to Eastman's office at ten o'clock and was warned that They should take them for more than five minutes, but one hour passed, two hours passed and even then they were talking!

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