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Education discussion on becoming a gentleman!

I can bet that man would be flying that day while going to lunch, I can bet that man would go home that night: tell this to his wife. He must have looked at himself in the mirror and said- “What beautiful hair!” I told this story once in public and a gentleman asked- “What did you get from this?” What was I trying to get from him? If we are so selfish that we cannot share a little happiness and give a little true appreciation of people without wanting to get anything, if our souls are not bigger than sour oranges, we will never get the success we deserve Huh! Oh yes, I wanted to get something from that person. I wanted something precious and I got it too.

This feeling keeps generating pleasant waves in your memory, even if that event has passed long ago. One of the most important rules of human behavior. If we follow that rule, we might never get in trouble. Actually this rule will mix us with countless friends and happiness, but as we break this rule, we are in endless trouble. This rule is like this – Always make the other person feel important. John Dewey, as we have noted earlier, said that the desire to be important is the deepest in human nature and William James said – “The deepest principle of human nature is the desire to be praised!”

I realized that I was able to do something for him, even though in return he was not able to do anything for me. As I have said before, this desire separates us from animals. This desire has been responsible for civilization. Philosophers have pondered over the rules of human relations for thousands of years and the same thing has emerged. This is as old as history, not new. Zoroaster taught it to his followers in Persia for twenty-five hundred years. Confucius has it in China for twenty four hundred years!

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