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Education discussion on becoming a clerk!

As I stood in the line of registering a letter at the post office at Thirty Three Street and Ath Avenue in New York, I saw that the clerk was bored with his work. Weighing envelopes, stamping, making changes, giving receipts, the same thing that he had been doing from year to year. So I said to myself- “I will do something that this clerk will like me. Obviously, to be liked by him I should say something good about him, not about myself. So I asked myself,” What is there in this person that I can truly praise? ” Sometimes it is difficult to find the answer to this question, especially in the case of strangers, but in this case it was easy.

I saw something that I could appreciate openly. So as he was weighing the envelope, I excitedly said, “I wish I had hair like yours.” He looked up, his eyes were surprised and his lips were muscans. “Now it’s not the same , “She said politely. I convinced her that even if it wasn’t the first thing, but they are also excellent. She was very happy. We chatted for a while, then she said the last thing-” Many people B Praised the foundation. I said, “Mr. Fankhauser, I think I can make money for you. 45 They immediately got up and they gestured me to sit on a big chair. I told about my idea and ability and also that he How I will help him in his personal and business success.

RJ, I came to know him by this name, immediately appointed me and in the last twenty years I have grown in his work. They both have benefited! Both sides benefit from talking about the other person’s interest. Howard Z, the hero of the field of employee communications. Harajig has always followed this principle. When asked what award he received, Mr. Harzig said that he has received a different award from every human being, but generally the biggest award is that after talking to every human being, his life has become even bigger!

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