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Discussion on financial aid!

I was surprised to see that Mr. Kalif said that he not only gave me the monetary help but also helped me more, I asked him to send only one boy to Europe, but he also sent one of the eligible boys and me as well Gave credit of thousand dollars and also asked us to stay in Europe for seven days. He also gave me an introduction letter to meet with his branch presidents so that they could assist me and he met us in Paris and showed us the whole city. Since then he has also given jobs to many of our needy boys and he is still in our group.

“Yet I know that if I had not known what he was interested in and if I had not treated him a little friendly before, I would not have made ten percent of his heart.” What is a good way to use it in business? What is lets see. Take Henry G. Duvenoy of Duvenoy & Sons of a wholesale banking farm in New York. Mr. Duvenoy was trying to sell bread to a hotel in New York. He called the manager every week for four years. He went to social gatherings where he used to go to the manager. He took room in that hotel several times to get some business, but he failed.

“Then, Mr. Duvenoy said-” After studying human relations, I decided to change my ways. I decided to find out what interested him, what excited him. ” “I found that he is a member of a society of hotel executives called Hotel Greeters of America! He is not just a member, but because of his enthusiasm, he is also the President of that organization as well as President of International Peters. He would go wherever his conferences were. “” So when I went to meet him the next day, I started talking about the Greeters. I got a very good response. He talked to me for half an hour about the Greeters, his voice was filled with excitement!

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