Natural methods to avoid (or plan) a periods

Natural methods are based on the awareness of fertility. They include some techniques for monitoring ovulation, that is, the release of the egg cell from the ovaries, to prevent (or research depending on the case) periods. They are also called natural family planning methods. The principle on which they are based is to avoid having […]


Blood is the most critical component of our body. It supplies cells with oxygen, transports nutrients, eliminates the body’s waste elements, controls the body’s temperature, heals wounds and treats infections. Consequently, most of the alterations in our health depend on its intoxication. It has been shown by scientific research that by injecting perfectly healthy and […]

All You Need to Know about Moles from face

  Moles in the face affect many people, appearing as dark spots that may be raised above the face’s surface. They can form all over the body, and most people ignore or overlook them. Because facial moles are more pronounced, many decide to learn more about mole removal on the face. Melanocytes are customarily distributed […]

Tips to protect your health this winter

  Cold weather, as well as fever and cold, will raise the likelihood of heart problems and strokes – it could cause coronavirus worse. This winter, our tips support your heart to remain safe. It is more necessary than ever to remain safe and secure this season. It is now an excellent time to focus […]