Elysium is like the rebirth of Zen, created by Schism which has been around for some time and is constantly being updated by developers. After Schism retired from building the addon, the Noobs and Nerds community decided to move up and continue developing in it. Microsoft’s view of the mac plugin. To avoid confusion over the name and give Schism a break in question, the addon has been renamed as Elysium moves forward. Elysium (Zen) started as an Exodus fork, which means an add-on of many sources like Exodus that pulls content from a variety of websites. Addon has taken its own life but has also become a trusted source of content.

It is one of the popular and best add-ons that provide the latest TV shows, movies, channels and many more. Elysium includes our top 5 add-ons for movies and TV shows. It is reliable old-fashioned access to streaming movies and TV shows. Elysium top features include:- massive streaming library, new releases available and you can keep a track of what you have watched.

One thing that is likeable about this Kodi addon is that it has a My Elysium section where you can track what you are watching. It also provides a TV calendar to stay on top of the latest episodes of your favourite, very simple shows.

Elysium is a popular fork of the Covenant and Exodus, so if you are a follower of those, you should feel at home with it.

Elysium was hard to find in a few months, probably due to legal issues, but we found a good source for it in the Kodi warehouse, so hopefully, it will last a while.

This addon is an external company addon that is not supported by the Kodi Foundation. Although Kodi add-ons do not store any files or handle any content, streams from this addon are removed from websites that fall into the grey legal area as they are not allowed to stream in every country and location.

There are various ways to download Elysium Kodi Addon to Firestick. Here you will get to know how to install Elysium on Firestick, based on Zen. Elysium is a great Kodi supplement and the addon is available at Noobs and Nerds Repository. It has great parts for movies, TV shows, Spotlight, new movies, new TV shows, channels, TV calendar, my favourites, tools and search. In the Movies section you can watch Trending Movies, most popular, Marvel Universe, Oscar Winners, Disney Collection, Genres, Years, People Search and more.

 Before we get started, keep in mind that Elysium is a third-party add-on. And in some countries, this is not allowed because this violates other copyright infringement laws. If you live in these parts of the world where Internet blocking is strictly enforced, we recommend that you use Kodi VPN. Using a good Kodi VPN always promotes privacy and security. If you need a low-cost VPN that you can use with Kodi has very fast servers with no explosions or logs.

Be sure to check the unknown source box as Kodi 17 requires this before installing third-party add-ons.

 You need to install the Kodi app first if you want to install Elysium on your Fire Stick or Fire TV. Before proceeding, we strongly recommend streaming via Virtual Private Network (VPN). By connecting to a VPN, all your internet traffic will be encrypted and hidden from your internet service provider.

Before moving to the step-by-step tutorial of installing the Elysium on Firestick, we have to first enable “Unknown Sources” from the settings. This is done so that the Kodi app will be able to receive third-party extensions without a problem.

How to enable unknown sources?

  •  To do this, Open Kodi.
  • Now, go to  Settings. It is a gear icon in the top left corner of Kodi’s homepage.
  • In the next menu, go to the system settings button.
  • Now, under System Settings, click the “Add-on tab.
  • Then you will see on the right side the “Unknown Sources” option, click on it to enable. A pop-up notification will ask you to confirm, simply click the “Yes” button.

Steps for installing Elysium on Firestick

Step 1:-

After enabling the unknown resources, go back to the Systems screen and select File Manager.

Step 2:-

Scroll down and select Add source.

Step 3:-

Add source window will open, then click on the none tab.

Step 4:-

Type the URL http://nan.aftermathwizard.net/nanrepo/.

Step 5:-

Enter the Noobs and Nerds on the box.

Step 6:-

 Select the Enter name field below, you can type anything here select OK.

Step 7:-

Using your remote, go back to Kodi’s home screen, and select Add-Ons.

Step 8:-

Click on the Add-on installer button from the top left of the screen.

Step  9:-

Select to install in the zip file.

Step 10:-

Click on the Noobs and Nerds Option.

Step 11:-


Step 12:-

Now, wait till you see Elysium repository Add-on enabled.

Step 13:-

Click Install from Repository.

Step 14:-

Select the Elysium Repository.

Step 15:-

Choose video add-ons from the menu.

Step 16:-

Now, select Elysium.

Step 17:-

Select the Install button.

Expect the appearance of an embedded Elysium message showing Elysium Add,-will be installed soon.

You will then receive a message that the addon is working, after which it is ready for use;

Elysium Add-on will be installed

To launch Elysium, go back to your home screen and navigate to Extras> Video Addons and select Elysium.

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