Following our recent refurbishment, we are delighted to offer a customer-centric approach to Thai hospitality and service, with luxurious touches of comfort that enhance your stay, at a great value that will please your pocketbook.

The major focus of this hotel is on the 4C’s policy for their guests and customers:


Stay right in between the charm of Bangkok’s historic quarter and the exciting vibe of SE Asia’s modern metropolis.


Traveling in Bangkok is convenient with access to modern mass transit systems right out the door.


Everything we do is aimed to making our guests feel happiness and comfort.


We offer the amenities and facilities you absolutely need during your time in Bangkok.

Different travelers have different needs so what we provide is a secure, clean and comfortable environment in minimalist décor. Our service-minded staff attend to everyone’s individual requirements, and we make sure you have the right environment for the most important factors for everyone’s travels a soothing and pleasant shower and good night’s sleep

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