What are the procedures and steps to follow to hire a worker without making a mistake? Following every single step correctly is essential in order not to face heavy fines, to guarantee compliance with the contractual clauses and to be sure not to see the possibility of enjoying the recruitment incentives currently in force vanish.

How to hire an employee: 5 types of employment contracts

As is known, there are different types of contracts: in most cases, the type of contract is decided upstream, before starting the search and selection process of the personnel. Not surprisingly, it is normal to already find in the text of the job advertisement a clear indication of the type of contract applied.

In any case, there are 5 main types of employment contracts that anyone who wants to learn how to hire an employee must know:

Permanent contract: this is a full-time contract with no fixed deadline. For many years it was the work contract par excellence and, precisely because of the stability it guarantees, it is still today the contract that attracts most of the incentives for companies from the state;

Partial open-ended contract: it is always a permanent contract, but no longer full-time: in this case we no longer speak of the canonical 40 hours per week, but rather of a reduced hours;

Fixed-term contract: this is a widely used employment contract which, unlike the permanent one, provides for a clear expiration of the employment relationship, which may possibly be renewed. However, it must be said that, to limit the use of fixed-term contracts, there are specific laws that set a maximum limit of employees hired with this type of agreement, and which in any case require a clear justification for this particular contract;

Contract on call: more properly an intermittent employment contract, it can be open-ended or fixed-term, and therefore provides for an intermittent collaboration. The employee, under the contract, may or may not be obliged to answer the call from the employer;

Apprenticeship contract: here is the last form of contract that anyone who wants to understand how to hire an employee must know. This is an agreement reserved for younger employees, who therefore must be trained; in the face of help from the state, the company entering into an apprenticeship contract undertakes to provide the employee with all the skills necessary to acquire all the professional skills necessary for their career.

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