The DJI Mavic 2 Fly More Kit More Combo is a super-equipped drone that will allow you to broaden your horizons as it is able to ensure a practical and complete flight performance. Everything you have always wanted to do with an aircraft of this magnitude, now it is possible thanks to a functional package to lose your breath. With this in mind, we have seen fit to show you the reasons for its great commercial success by offering you a detailed review below in which its major functional merits have been grouped. Enjoy the reading!

DJI Mavic 2 Fly More Kit More Combo: price and review

This DJI drone model not only allows you to face the flight experience with greater confidence and determination, but also stands out as an eco-friendly drone. In this scenario, it stands out for the possibility of increasing the thrust of the engines, simultaneously lowering consumption and reducing noise. If we then combine these advantages with its Flight Autonomy system we can guarantee a more fluid but above all more silent flight, in order to move with discretion in any circumstance.

Why choose the DJI Mavic 2 Fly More Kit More Combo?

Because it is a model that lends itself perfectly to the creation of large aerial photos thanks to a unique operation with great practical and functional relief. All thanks to its Hasselblad L1D-20c camera, whose HNCS technology allows you to take exceptional 20 megapixel aerial photos in real time characterized by an incredible rendering with amazing colors and details. To raise the stakes of this camera is its renowned ergonomic design as well as the excellent shooting quality. Suffice it to say that his brand (Hasselblad) immortalized the first landing on the moon.

What is its main strength?

Its biggest advantage is its video quality. With this in mind, the model in question can boast a 10-bit 4K HDR support with which it is possible to connect the drone directly to a 4K TV screen with HLG in order to reduce movies in various shades of color. In this way we can correctly display the points of brightness and contrast in order to ensure a significant visual impact thanks above all to the HDR quality.

There follows the possibility of diversifying its use according to one’s specific abilities. This is why three flight modes are available: from the Trace with which we can follow the subject from behind or from the front or in a circle while it moves to that file that flies alongside the subject, up to the Spotlight with which we can keep the camera pointed at the subject while flying in any direction.

How can we evaluate your technical package?

The overall rating is really good. In particular on the multimedia level. In this sense, by analyzing its technical specifications, some very interesting aspects emerge. With this in mind, the quality of its camera is noted, capable of shooting 4K video (up to 4096 x 2160) at 30 frames per second with Full HD 1080p at 96 frames per second. In this way we can also create amazing slow motion. Without forgetting an important value related to the focusing distance which is only 48 cm.

What are the benefits of Active Track Tracking a Subject?

With the ActiveTrack system we can ensure a truly optimized drone management. With this in mind, just tell the Mavic  who to track and he will take care of all the work to be done. To activate this function, it is not necessary to use special GPS bracelets or transmitters by virtue of integrated operation.

In this regard, the Mavic  has been trained precisely to detect a series of common themes, including people, cyclists, vehicles, and even animals to avoid not only possible collisions but also the opportunity to fly around it in order to create a great variety of shots. In this way, the tracking of a subject becomes an opportunity to embellish every single shot.


In conclusion, we believe that this model is truly unique in its kind, being able to rely on a truly efficient design. With this in mind, not only its custom-designed high-capacity batteries stand out, but also a practical optimized pulsion system as well as advanced power management in order to guarantee a much longer flight time than others in any circumstance. models. There is talk of a flight range of up to 27 minutes. Advantageous isn’t it? At this point it is legitimate to ask yourself what are you waiting for to buy the drone in question?

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