The Garmin RV 785 is agreeable with the BCTM35 wireless alternate camera. The RV Navigator has a rich, HD display touchscreen that performs it clear to see clear data. The built-in driving recorder records the driving situation and automatically records the video including GPS details of the time and location of the event when an event is detected. Increase driver awareness by referring to features that use large cameras, such as forward collision (which in some cases can impair the warning function) and lane departure warning. Garmin version (With the built-in Wi-Fi link, you can immediately refresh maps and also software. You can get detailed information from the app. Download the free Garmin DriveTM app to a compatible smartphone to get details You can find the appropriate software information The RV 785’s camera Check road warnings for future steep curves, weight limits, etc.

It can improve your safety to find the best driving recorder with navigation and phone functions use Garmin RV 785. By combining 2 or 3 devices into one, you have to judge individually by looking at all the features to see if they work.

Picture quality is very important for the operation of the player recorder. What if you don’t know what happened to the recorded video? Check other users’ photos and check the acceptable quality. All dash cams and Garmin RV 785 had at least 1080p at 30 fps. 30 fps means 30 frames per second. This is the industry standard for operating recorders. If you are looking for most drivers, you use maps and route navigation on your phone. This is useful for some people, but it can provide more targeted functionality by providing dedicated equipment.

If you need the best navigation browser, why not explore the big brands first? Garmin is known around the world for its GPS and navigation devices. The Garmin RV785 is recommended here as the first choice. “RV” is displayed in the title. Yes, this dashcam is only for RVs but can be reused for any car, truck or vehicle. The solitary genuine RV usefulness is having the option to see the campgrounds around. I don’t have a motorhome, but I still, find it useful. The advantage of Drive Recorder with Navigator is that you can use GPS with Drive Recorder. If there is a need to display material, GPS provides detailed location and speed information at specific times. It also combines the dashcam with real-time navigation data to tell the driver which lane to leave the lane or if they anticipate an imminent collision. This Garmin RV 785 is the best available Dashcam that has value for budget


  • Driver Alerts for Road Hazards(Provides road warnings)
  • Custom Routing for Your RV
  • More efficient routing
  • With Built-In Dash Cam
  • Includes a directory of RV Parks and also its Services
  • Hands-Free Calling via Bluetooth
  • RV navigator 7″ Color Touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi for Updates without a Computer
  • Voice-Activated Navigation

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