Smart Safety India is an industry pioneer in the field of security devices. Based in Delhi NCR, we have the vision to make security and safety available for everyone. With Smart Safety India’s safety products ranging from LED Lighting systems, Biometric Information Systems, Metal Detectors, EPABX machines and Alcohol Testing machines, we have built a prominent position for ourselves in the security industry. With our clients that are based all over the world, we have a huge client base that clearly states our high-quality products and superior customer service. Our safety solutions provide you with the assurance and safety that others can’t. With a high- tech approach accompanied by a team of experts, we tend to deliver one of the best security products in the country.

Smart Safety India, is an industry leader in Wi-Fi cameras. For our camera’s convenience and flexibility, clients from all over the world look towards us and contact us. Our camera’s Wi-Fi connectivity and long-life Camera battery make it everywhere a ladder can be mounted.

Wireless CCTV is one of the top security products bought all over the world. It is essential for a wireless camera that there is a stable Wi-Fi connection at the installation site. The Wi-Fi signal can generally travel up to 240 feet in open spaces, with two walls between 60 feet indoors. A Wi-Fi camera for home is what every family person needs and Smart Safety India does exactly that.


How does Smart Safety India’s Wi-Fi cameras work?

Wireless surveillance cameras are a vital addition to your security system since they have 24/7 access to your house, regardless of where you are in the world.

Smart Safety India’s Wireless cameras run through a radio transmitter by transmitting the video of the camera. Video is forwarded to a receiver attached to or from cloud storage via an embedded storage unit. The recorded videos can be easily seen over a mobile or a connected TV.


Smart Safety India’s wi-fi camera system offer a variety of useful protection advantages for property owners. But one of the most valuable components of all for your home could be a wireless surveillance camera device.

Our company provides different Wi-Fi cameras that can be used almost anywhere. The Wi-Fi camera mini and the small CCTV camera with Wi-Fi are an important category of Smart Safety India’s Wi-Fi camera catalogues. One need to have utmost care of their house and protect it from intruders. Your loving family members stay there and you wouldn’t want to hamper their security. That’s where our security surveillance systems come to our rescue. Smart Safety India offers its customers a large variety of Wi-Fi camera types to choose from. From big ones to small ones, we have everything at your dispense. The versatility of our Wi-Fi camera security system has improved the security and safety of homes to a great extent.


Benefits of using Smart Safety India’s Wi-Fi cameras:


        Crime Deterrent- our cameras make your premises more secure and less prone to criminal activities. Criminals after knowing that the place has cameras installed, wouldn’t prefer to commit crime at that place.

        Monitors activities – with our safety solutions, you can monitor the activities going on at your premises.

        Collect pieces of evidence – in case of any criminal situation, our Wi-Fi cameras can provide you with the necessary shreds of evidence that can turn out to be very helpful

        Keep Records- Smart Safety India’s Wi-Fi cameras allow you to store the video recordings for future references.

        Decision Making – CCTV footage can be of great use while settling disputes by showing the necessary evidence.


Some of the significant features of Smart Safety India’s Wi-Fi cameras are :

      Wi-Fi Technology :

Our cameras have inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity technology that can cover to a long-range. As there are no cables for intruders to warn them, our Wi-Fi cameras are essential at these moments. With this technology, our cameras record high-quality videos that can be watched on any device. 


      Detection systems in Motion:

Smart Safety India’s Camera solutions are built with motion detectors that start automatically recording anytime they feel movement in the range. This makes our cameras a much more energy-efficient solution as compared to others.


      Storing Cloud:

Our cameras allow you to store the recorded video and photographs over to cloud storage or in external storage so that they can be checked as and when needed.


      Remote Access:

Our Cameras allow you remote access. You can control the Wi-Fi cameras from Mobile, check at any moment that what is happening and keep and keep an eye on anything suspicious. Our camera let you from your online account, smartphone app, track, monitor, and change all of your home’s ongoing activities.


Installation of Smart Safety India’s Wi-Fi cameras

Smart Safety India provides Wi-Fi cameras installation to its every customer. The installation is done by our expert team that years of experience in handling Wi-Fi camera systems and their installations. While there might be many Wi-Fi camera shops near you, Smart Safety India is sure that we provide camera solutions at the lowest price possible. Wi-Fi Camera prices in Indiahave grown over the last few years, but Smart Safety India brings them to you at the lowest market price.

Our expert team does all the installation work for you and hands over you the command after it. They explain everything to you ranging from how our cameras work, how Wi-Fi Cameras for mobile connectivity works and how one can watch the recording. Every doubt of pour customer is solved by our team. Even if any doubt arises, then Smart Safety India’s support team is there for you to help.


We, at Smart Safety India, believe that security and safety are of utmost importance to everyone and must be available to anyone at a pocket-friendly price. We are envisioned for the security and safety of our country. With a huge customer base, we are also improving ourselves and our systems, so that you can get the best of the price you pay and can ensure security and safety of the highest class through Smart Safety India.


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