Rising unemployment has been a major concern in India. Choosing a career is one of the important things you ought to choose the best for your better future growth. If you are looking for a creative side or an interactive web experience then here is web designing best for you. A web designer helps in not only an incredibly skilled job useful but also one with their skills can that help companies achieve success online.

Web designing refers to the development if creating if websites provide various skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites as its main task. It deals with the front-end of a website, user experience. To begin your career in becoming a professional web designer, it’s important to know about all future opportunities that you can get. Here our institution located in Chandigarh guides you fully and offers you many opportunities further in web designing. 

Our institute provides guides you by giving you 6 months training course on designing. Looking forward to checking out the details step by step to know more about how best our institute provides you. 

 Why choose web designing as your career

  Highly-paid career

  You can work with any team you want of your own choice or can start your career

  You can work wherever you want to work

• It helps in giving you a job of good prospects as training provided by the institute for future growth in various sectors will help you in giving job opportunities and many more.

• It improves your ability to being more creative

• It’s fun and experienced while doing the job

 It includes different areas of web design like web graphic design; interface design; including standardised code and software and search engine optimisation.     


Eligibility criteria for being a web designer

• Class 12th passed with any stream (Arts/Science / Commerce) or

• Any graduate with basic knowledge in a computer programming language can through web designing training course.

Contents for diploma in web designing –

To be a web designer you must have a diploma in it. Various institutes help you to get a diploma with other benefits by providing a 6 months course or training in web designing. This  includes training to get a better understanding of web designing about:








• Graphics                                                                                        

Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Illustrator



Module #1 Web designing concept and HTML

               1.1 Introduction of HTML and HTML5

               1.2 HTML Elements and Tags

               1.3 HTML Attributes

               1.4 Images

               1.5 List Tag

               1.6 Table Tag

               1.7 Links

               1.8 Audio and Video

               1.9 Forms

               10 Upload file and pages

               11 Form validations


Module #2 Styling web pages using CSS

               2.1 Introduction to CSS and CSS3

               2.2 Syntax of CSS

               2.3 Text properties

               2.4 Border properties

               2.5 BOX Model

               2.6 Classification properties 

               2.7 Advance CSS


Module #3  Website layout and Elements: Photoshop

               3.1 Bootstrap

               3.2 Bootstrap typography

               3.3 Bootstrap tables

               3.4 Bootstrap images

               3.5 Bootstrap Jumbotron

               3.6 Bootstrap container

               3.7 Bootstrap alert

               3.8 Bootstrap buttoms

               3.9 Bootstrap form

               3.10 Bootstrap modals



Module #4 JQuery

                4.1 Introduction

                4.2 JQuery effects

                4.3 JQuery HTML



Module #5 JavaScript

                5.1 Introduction

                5.2 Conditional construct

                5.3 Looping statement

                5.4 Working with predefined functions

                5.5 Maintaining validations


Module #6 Photoshop

                6.1 Tools

                6.2 Image enhancement

                6.3 Colour balancing

                6.4 Create template


Module #7 Corel Draw


Module #8 Adobe Illustrator


Module #9 Project work, Domain and Hosting

                9.1 FTP

                9.2 Domain Name

                9.3 Hosting


Job profiles after completing the course

Web developer

Front end developer

Back end developer

UX designer

UI designer

Design and layout analyst

Digital marketing expert

VFX expert


Further benefits and scope

• Can develop startup

• develop backend and front end in companies such as HCL, Tata Consultancy, Wipro etc.

• can apply in startups based on animation programmes.


Benefits of Becoming A Web Designer After Covid-19 Pandemic:

The Covid situation does not end yet and it has already hampered the world economy very badly. Lots of people have lost their job and in this situation, web designing can become a golden opportunity for one. You might find it not working at the first stage but later on, you will find it the best career.


Services provided by our institute in Chandigarh

  To make the best websites design you have to mark the best that ticks the targeted customers and for this, you must be guided properly which would be provided to you by one of the best institutes in Chandigarh. Here are the professional web designers from all around to provide you with the best training courses with a  100% job guarantee.

The Institute will provide you with the best web designing training courses, also provides training in designing different web technologies to work in the company, professional training on HTML5, CSS3, Woodstrap, JavaScript, BootStrap, PHP and also allows working on live projects.

The training course in our institute with the help of HTML5 AND CSS3  will demonstrate your websites based on these concepts, to make websites easy, attractive and manageable. So here are our best institute of Chandigarh offering you responsive web designing courses by our web developers.


Why Choose Us?

We are one of the best web designing training institutes in Chandigarh and we can help you to succeed as a web designer. You can also get under mentioned benefits from us:

1.Guidance about freelancing and job from the expertise

2.Complete offline notes for learning and code files., with a well-customised syllabus available to you.                 

3.Tricks to know for web designing

4.Portfolio creation of a web designer

5.Further internship and training to students

6.Live project work and work on client level

7. Under the PMKVY scheme you will get a recognized certificate.

8. With the best 6-month training period to develop you at the best

9. Part-time or full-time job opportunities

10. Able to work with professionals



Web designing is one of the best career option available in the world at present. The designation not only offers you money but also job satisfaction. Especially the people with a mind full of creativity are the perfect fit for it as they can get endless chances to express their creativity through their work.

The list of the benefits one can get from being a web designer is not going to end at this point, there are many more to come. The institute provides you not only with training courses but also provides you with 100% highly professional job opportunities for your good growth. So, as you can analyze well with the above details, don’t wait just to opt for the 6-month training courses. Our web designing institute at Chandigarh provides you at their best as no other institute can.





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