Smart Safety India is one of the leading pioneer company dealing in security solutions all across the country. Our company is based in Delhi NCR and deals in many security and safety products such as Biometric Attendance System, Alcohol Tester machine, Roadblocks and Tire killers, Wi-Fi cameras, CCTV camera and emergency LED lighting systems. Our vision is to make security and safety possible and reachable to every person in the country. With the quality of products and services, our products have world-wide credibility and a huge customer base.  Our clients from all over the country praise us for the security solutions we provide.

The electronic special automated branch exchange system (EPABX) is a system that has made work in offices simpler, especially in the field of telecommunications. EPABX can be defined as a switching system that enables internal and external linking functions for any organization. Selecting EPBAX is a challenging task and requires deep knowledge of the traffic pattern in the office but Smart Safety India’s EPBAX systems are one of the best available in the market. With EPABX, the internal and external needs of the organization are fully met. With the advent of powerful microprocessors and developments in the field of computers, our EPBAX can boast of many features.

Some of the applications of Smart Safety India’s EPBAX systems are intercom system for office and Telephone EPBAX systems. The selection of EPBAX for the institution must be preceded by a comprehensive study of the office’s needs. But with the advent of Smart Safety India’s EPBAX systems, the selection got much easier. Our exchange supports features such as DISA-n-auto Attendant audio. This feature helps eliminate a receptionist or host. Moreover, Smart Safety India’s EPBAX systems include internal recall, automatic fax routing, wireless intercom system, external hot calling, remote communication, remote service and dynamic automatic locking.

We are the best EPABX system, suppliers?

Smart Safety India is one of the leading telecom system providers for the past 20 years. The diligent team has installed over 2 million business phone systems, including voice mail, email servers, security systems, as well as audio and video conferencing products. The professional Smart Safety India team is certified and knows the many areas that makeup today’s security, presentation, telephone and conference solutions. Visit our website now to learn about our services in detail.


Advantages of EPABX

·         Sharing resources

Employees can share phone lines within the setup office. Multiple extensions may be connected to a single phone line, thus reducing your overall phone expenses. In the case of external calls, they may be routed from one incoming mode and directed to the respective extension number from there. Smart Safety India’s EPBAX systems for offices and telephone EPABX systems are one of the most sold and popular products.

·         Easy programming

Our EPABX is fully programmable. Facilitates complex installation procedures and other integrated requirements for the connection.

·         Scalable system

As the company grows and telecom needs, the business phone system core network can also be easily expanded without much hassle.

·         Takes little space

The physical axis of the EPABX system is small in size and does not require much space to accommodate. Hence space limitation is not an issue.

We are providing different services:-

EPABX is a business phone system that has a variety of functions. The many tasks that EPABX can perform are listed below.

             Automated attendant

             Automatic call distributor

             Automated directory services (where callers can be directed to a specific employee by entering or pronouncing letters of the employee’s name)

             Automatic rear loop

             Call accounting

             Transferring calls when they are absent

             Busy call forwarding


Telephone intercom system

With very many years of experience and knowledge in this field, we are engaged in offering a range of EPABX systems. Our wireless intercom system for offices is connected to telephone lines in offices to dial internal numbers. Known for its durability and durability, this telephone intercom system is greatly appreciated by our customers. Designed by our experts with the help of the best technology and skills, our telephone intercom system confirms international standards.

We are providing PBX telephone system installation

PBX is an abbreviation for “private branch exchange”. Usually, companies use this type of private telephone network. Once installed, employees share a certain number of lines to make external calls. Smart Safety India with its expert team provides PBX telephone system installation and EPABX installation services at industry-low prices. The telephone installation price by Smart Safety India is considered as one of the best and cheapest across the security domain.

Following are the steps that should be followed for the installation of telephone EPABX system. 

Step 1

Connect the phone cord to your PBX console with an entry that says, “Telephone line”

Step 2

Connect the other end to a wall socket. This allows your PBX system to send and receive phone calls.

Step 3

Insert the plug PBX into the console. Connect the other end to an outlet on a wall. Wait for your PBX system to light up. This lets you know that you have installed the system correctly.

Step 4

Pick up the receiver to make a call. Dial the extension or phone number you want to access. Wait for the caller to respond.

Step 5

Wait for the system to ring and light up, which means you have an incoming call. Pick the handset and the call can be answered now. You can also press “Intercom” or “Hands-Free” to answer the call.

The Installation of EPABX systems cost has risen over times as more companies have risen in the security domain. But Smart Safety India still remains one of the best EPABX installation services providers. We at Smart Safety India offer our services at a price that is lower than any of our competitors.

There are several telephone installers and repairers in the market but Smart Safety India’s quality team of experts and support staff ensure that your systems do not easily get damaged. Even if there arise some issues, then our support team is there for your help.

Smart Safety India envisions that security and safety must be available to everyone at a price that anyone can behold. Expensive security systems can be only afforded by some companies. But Smart Safety India tries to make its products off as high quality as possible and makes them available to everyone at a lower than ever before price.

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