No matter, whether you are just starting out or you’re already having an established business, you must be aware of the fact that having a fast and reliable web hosting solution is a must for running a successful website because a successful website doesn’t just involve creating a great looking website with numerous features. But, the biggest challenge of any online business to succeed and grow is to maintain the website after it has been hosted on a reliable web hosting platform.

Therefore, an appropriate web hosting is foremost requirement for your business’ success. However, you will come across different people who give importance to different criteria when it comes to choose an ideal web host for their website. But, one thing that we will recommend here to definitely look is a reliable hosting solution provider that is backed up with a good relevant experience.

Choosing a web hosting solution that has years of experience makes your task easier regardless of the fact that you have hosted a website before or not. Plus, if the web hosting provider possesses several years of experience and is backed by good customer reviews then it will be easier for you to trust your web host provider, right. So, here we are going to discuss about two such experienced website hosting providers which are trusted by millions of web developers and website owners. And, the names of these hosting providers are “Bluehost and GoDaddy”.

However, in this write up, we will be comparing the hosting services that both of these providers offer so that we can help you choose the one that is best suited to you as per your hosting requirements.

Features Comparison of Bluhost vs Godaddy –

When we talk about “Bluehost and GoDaddy”, then we must mention that these both are very popular and well-respected hosting providers. However, both of these web hosting solutions providers are a good option for hosting your website. And, in addition to that, these both platforms offer a wide range of features, tools, as well as services that are designed to provide the users with a smooth website set up process while ensuring the websites which they’re hosting are performing at the most optimal level.




*    Speed, Performance, and Uptime Comparison – Bluhost vs Godaddy

If I say that the speed of your website is one of the key factors for ensuring its success, then probably everyone would agree. The reason is obvious as slow loading times on a website affects the users’ experience which of course ultimately increases the bounce rates.

The slow loading websites again have lower returning visitor numbers while impacting your website’s conversions. Hence, it’s important that you choose a hosting solution that helps you achieve low page load times.

However, after testing the speeds of some websites which were hosted on Bluhost and Godaddy, we reached to a conclusion that GoDaddy loading times are significantly faster than those of the Bluehost websites.

So, if you are looking for one out of these two hosting service provides which provides you with the fastest website, then GoDaddy is the right choice for you.

Both Bluehost and GoDaddy are very user-friendly and offer a great experience for beginners and experts alike. Both provide intuitive dashboards and access to cPanel. Let’s find out more…

*    User Experience Comparison – Bluhost vs Godaddy

Godaddy User Experience

Talking about the user experience Godaddy provides, it gives a clean and clear interface which enables the users to easily access the features as well as the information that are needed by them.

Next, GoDaddy’s dashboard is also easy to access as all you need to do is to open your hosting dashboard and there you will be able to view your websites while gaining a quick access to all the important features including cPanel, File Manager, and GoDaddy Analytics.

Ø  Moreover, GoDaddy also equips a standard cPanel that is full of the general applications and expected functions.

Ø  Plus, at the time, you’re creating a new website, GoDaddy also provides you with a one-click WordPress install that helps you to quickly set up a site.

Ø  And, it is also very easy to set up a new website with GoDaddy as it also provides a Quick Start Wizard. However, this is a great tool for the people who are new to WordPress as it takes you through your new WordPress dashboard as well as the new website set up process.


Bluehost User Experience

On the other hand, when we talk about the user experience provides by Bluehost then we can say that it provides a quick signup process along with an extremely streamlined account dashboard. It equips a menu on the left-hand side of the screen that has been given to help the users navigate through their account while accessing information about their sites and domains along with the features.

Ø  Moreover, the branded cPanel of bluhost helps you manage your websites and what’s the good part of it, is that the Bluehost menu stays on the screen which makes it easy to switch back to your Bluehost account dashboard in case the need arises.

Ø  Plus, just like GoDaddy, Bluehost also has a very quick and easy one-click installation process for wordpress.

Ø  And lastly, when the new WordPress installation is up, you will find a Bluehost menu within your WordPress dashboard where you can manage the menus while creating posts and pages, creating a staging area, and much more.

However, when it comes to comparison then, we would say that both GoDaddy and Bluehost have thought carefully about their customers. And, therefore they both provide an impressive and supportive user-experience. But, Bluehost experience is better comparatively because it is equipped with the personalized cPanel and Bluehost WordPress menu. These features make the website set up process more accessible for beginners. Otherwise, both of these hosting providers are great options in case you are just looking for a user-friendly hosting provider.

Support Comparison – Bluhost vs Godaddy

When it comes to support which both of these hosting providers offer then we would say that Bluehost and GoDaddy both offer some impressive levels of support as they assure the customers that if there will be a problem in site management or something else then they would always be there to support.

Plus, each of these hosting providers offers extensive documentation such as they equip “getting started tutorials”, “how-to guides”, “community forums”, “blogs”, and more. However, in addition to that, both Bluehost and GoDaddy hosting companies also provide telephone support system from their customer support team which is available 24/7.

So, you can go for any of these hosts if your only concerns is to have a good support from the hosting providers.



Pricing Comparison – Bluhost vs Godaddy

And lastly, we are going to talk about the pricing of both of these hosting providers. However, when it comes to prices, Bluehost wins over GoDaddy because it has cheaper plans. Both of these hosts run some promotional offers where the prices actually vary just depending on how long you’ll be signing up for.

However, they have got you covered with numerous plans so you can choose any plan that best suits your requirements. Plus, both Bluehost and GoDaddy hosting providers offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you have signed up with either of these hosts for any of their available plans and then you fell that the plan isn’t right for you, then you will be able to get a full refund.

Final Verdict – Which Host to Actually Choose For?

At the end, we would say that the hosting provider that you choose for your project should depend on the requirements of your website, your audience, and most importantly on your personal skill set. Because, there is nothing like, this is a right host and this one is wrong. But, you need to simply pick the one that best fits to your criteria of a good hosting company.

However, to ease your work here we are providing a quick check where you will find it easier to choose the most suited host for your website…

·         When Should You Choose Godaddy – You should choose Godaddy, if you are looking for a hosting provider that offers high performance levels such as fast loading times, and guaranteed uptime.

·         When Should You Go For Bluehost – You should go for Bluhost if you want lower prices packages but don’t want to compromise with the benefit of a range of features such as a user friendly dashboard and impressive support and more.

However, Bluehost and GoDaddy are not the only hosting providers available here on the market, if you’re not convinced with the features of these both hosts then you can find other options available in your price range.



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