Do you want to get rid of the troubles in your skin in winter, you run away from the winter months? We explain this problem well to you, and will also make you aware of ways to end it. In winter, many changes are seen in our skin, such as itching, irritated skin and also related problems. The reason for all this is just the changing weather, which does not suit your skin. As everyone knows that the temperature gets very cold during the winter season, due to which the humidity becomes very low, as a result, the moisture starts to dissipate from our skin. Many people use room heaters to avoid this problem, but tell you that it can be very harmful, it causes the skin to become cracked and bleeding can also begin several times. If you want to eliminate skin irritations and problems in winter, then the only solution is Amara Spa and Salon. Our company Amara Spa and Salon which is the best spa in Thane, we have many customers who are very happy with the service of our company.

Our Mission

It is our mission that we can give the best skin to all people, not only through facial massage but also through spa, massage. With the help of 329 reviews of Renew Body Wellness at our company Amara Spa and Salon, we want to liberate our customers from their problems; our way of working is absolutely therapeutic. Just as you are satisfied after going to the doctor, in the same way you will feel near us. We provide a variety of therapeutic, relaxing and relaxing. Amara Spa and Salon is quite popular in Thane, and all our customers go satisfied with our work. There are many customers associated with us, who have never had any complaints from our company.

First of all we will give you information about some skin related problems as well as share some of its treatments with you, if you do not benefit from those treatments then Amara Spa and Salon is always present for you to help. Our company has the promise to each and every customer that we will give them glowing and happy skin and also enhance to the envelopment of the body.

Problems face by dry skin

We want to tell you about the problems of dry skin that you may have in winter:

·         Itchiness

·         Painful cracks in your skin

·         Eczema, which can appear as round, scaly, itchy, and red patches on your skin

·         Areas of thickened, rough skin

·         Dermatitis, which involves red, inflamed, and scaly skin

·         Eczema, which can appear as round, scaly, itchy, and red patches on your skin

·         Bacterial infection

How we work?

The members of our company first meet the customers visiting our spas & salon; there are different team members for every customer. Facial massage facility for the customers who have to get facial massage, Body massage facility is available for the customers who have to get body massage. All our spas get treatment according to their customers. We provide our customers full back spa service, full hands spa service, full body spa service and legs spa service also. Our company serves our customers with the help of professionals, our team members connect with our customers with many years of experience. You can blindly trust our company; we become your best bet.We use all products branded and made of pure herbal for our customers, so that customers never face any skin problems. Also, let us know that Amara Spa and Salon works very economically, our charges are very economical. There are many customers associated with us who like to come to our spa again and again, you can also join us and make your skin and body happy.

Our massage service

In our massage you will get the feel of Indian Ayurveda, which strives to attain harmony & balance of the elements in the human body. Our massage will pamper you with carefully chosen authentic aromatic oil blends. All our massages start with a short breathing exercise to alleviate stress and calm your mind. Choose from a range of Indian and international massages that best suit your needs.

Benefits of Massage

According to the American Massage Association, recent research shows the benefits of massaging for a variety of issues:

·         Fatigue or pain caused by cancer

·         Back pain and stiffness

·         Osteoarthritis in the knee

·         Post-operative recovery and pain

·         Carpal tunnel syndrome relief

·         Fibromyalgia

·         Boosting immune system function

·         Decreasing frequency of headaches

·         Blood pressure

·         Alcohol withdrawal symptoms

Types of Massage Services

·         Swedish Massage Therapy

·         Myofascial Release Therapy

·         Acupressure / Acupuncture

·         Medical Massage

·         Craniosacral Therapy

Types of Winter Skin Problems that our customers face.


Chafing is a common problem that can happen to anyone, it is because the air is dry during the season. This is why there is Chafing in the skin, due to which the outer layer of the skin is subjected to repetitive friction, which the dermis layer in your skin is damaged and you get the Chafing problem. If you are struggling with it and your skin is very dry, then you should take bath with hot water twice a day so that all the bacteria around you die. After that make sure to use a moisturizer on your skin. Apply a moisturizer and massage smoothly to help the moisturizer get absorbed is also a good idea to apply a barrier cream or a medicated powder to help the skin heal faster. If you do not see any benefit from this trick then you will get rid of this skin problem by coming to Amara Spa and Salon. Many customers related to this problem have come to our spa, and all have also got rid of this chuffing problem. You may our next happy customer.

Eyebrows Itch and Flakes

Many of our customers had the problem that there is itching and burning in their eyebrows, although this problem is not new. The main reason for this is the changing weather, which is called seborrhea dermatitis, in winter, there is swelling in seborrhea dermatitis, due to which many people have to face this problem. To avoid this problem, you can use anti-itch cream on your eyebrows, first take the cream and apply it on the area around your eyebrows and then leave it for a while. Keeping the eyebrows moist can also help reduce itching. You can apply a cool compress for 15-30 minutes to get some relief from itching. You can get relief from this. For your information, let us know that many people related to this problem have come in our company and have also got rid of this problem. If you too are in the grip of this problem, then contact us as soon as possible.

Redness and Irritation 

Many times it happens that the skin starts feeling itchy due to cold and at the same time the skin appears quite red. The reason for this is that your skin is very vulnerable to cold air, due to which your skin loses its natural moisture and oil and you get irritation, itching and dry skin. Many types of rash can also be seen on the face in winter, although it is also itchy due to grains. To avoid this problem, you can use almond oil and coconut oil, take any natural oil and massage it on your face. This will return moisture to your skin, and you will see the difference in your face. If this treatment does not work and the facial rash does not end, then you can contact us, your company has treated many such problems. With the technical help and facial massage in our company, we will remove this problem from you.


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